Cheese of the Week: Chevrot

I grew up in an unusual household- I know we all say that, but really, it’s true.  My mother was years ahead of her time, trying to serve me all non-processed, organic food. Being the five year old that I was,  I wanted fruit roll-ups and sugar cereals like my friends were having, but the one area that I never protested at all was cheese.


Chevrot and Baguette

My mother spent a few years of her childhood in France, and is an educated lover of cheese.  She shops frequently at Market Hall in Rockridge, which, if you have not been there, it’s well worth a visit.  The cheese shop there has everything from the best cheddar to truffle butter but in my mind, there is nothing better than a goat cheese from France. Enter Chevrot, my favorite cheese from childhood, which is in itself laughable that a young kid would crave this goat cheese.

I choose this cheese to start out our cheese of the week because it’s my favorite from childhood and last week, I got to share it with my partner in crime (and this blog)/cooking guru, Maddie.

This cheese has strong flavors without being over powering, with a firm texture in the middle, soft around the edges and a nice thin rind to keep it all together. I would only put this cheese on bread or maybe some fruit, this is not one for your pastas or salads, it’s just too good to not be eaten alone.  While I do not think your average five year old would love it like I did, it’s a great cheese to start with if you are breaking into the world of chevres.

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