How to Roast Peppers on a Gas Range

When B and I bought our first house almost a year ago, one of the only must-haves on our list was a gas stove.  There are many reasons to prefer gas ranges over electric, but one of the clinchers is the ability to roast peppers on the stove-top.  Having lived my entire adult life in apartments with electric stoves, I didn’t know what I was missing until Brendan showed me the light.  This week, he learned that one of the partners at his firm is in a similar state of darkness, and that settled it: time for a public tutorial.  Once you see how easily it’s done, you’ll be roasting peppers 2 or 3 times a week, like we do… or you’ll be looking for a new home with a gas range.

dividerHow to Roast a Pepper

  1. Light one burner and turn up to full flame.  Balance your pepper or peppers directly over it.

    Roasting red peppers

    Roasting red peppers

  2. Allow to blacken completely on one side, before rotating.  Repeat, until all sides are completely black.

    Fire-roasted peppers

    Fire-roasted peppers

  3. Remove pepper(s) from heat, and seal into a plastic bag.  Place the bag in the fridge for faster cooling, if in a hurry.

    Sweating peppers

    Sweating peppers

  4. Rinse peppers under running water to remove all blackened skin and innards.

    Roasted peppers

    Cleaned roasted peppers

  5. Slice, chop, or purée your roasted pepper, and enjoy!

A tip from the Pepper Master (that would be Brendan): take care in handling the peppers, both while roasting and during rinsing.  The moisture under the skin is sometimes released in little explosions that can catch you unawares.  Keep children and pets away from the stove, on the off chance one of those little “pops” ends in a small burn.

dividerAnd there you have it.  Easy-peasy.  We use roasted bell peppers in everything from sandwiches to salsa, quiche to tamale pie.  You can toss them in salads or pasta, or purée them into a sweet, colorful sauce.  To re-purpose an old tag line from a popular candy, “There’s no wrong way to eat a roasted pepper.”

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