Cheese of the Week: Truffle Tremor

Amongst the many yummy treats my mom would purchase at Market Hall was this amazing creation: Truffle Butter. I should not admit this, but as a kid I actually used to eat tiny bits of it, guiltily trying to hide behind fridge door. Thus began a lifelong love affair with all things truffle.

Truffle Tremor

Truffle Tremor, courtesy of artizone on Flickr

A few years ago while visiting my favorite SF cheese shop (Cowgirl Creamery in the ferry building), I asked to taste anything with truffles. The woman smiled and told me she had exactly what I wanted. Enter Truffle Tremor. Like most of my favorite goats, Truffle Tremor has a moderately firm center, a more creamy outside, and a firm rind encasing it all. Unlike my other favorite goats, however, Truffle Tremor has bits of truffle in the center and an infusion of it in the creamiest layer. Increasing its flavor as it ages, it’s initially a medium bodied, earthy goat with a slightly gamy aftertaste. Truffle Tremor is brought to us all by Cypress Grove, home of the famous and fabulous Humboldt fog.

I know that my truffle butter sneaking, seven-year-old self would have loved Truffle Tremor. Now, I spread it on Acme Sourdough baguette with a crisp white wine. This cheese may be a little strong for those new to the cheese tasting world, but well worth a try either way. Shay (my fiance), who unlike me, did not grow up eating gamy goats at the ripe age of seven, tried it and now insists on purchasing it every time we go to the ferry building. While I would not recommend Truffle Tremor to most seven year olds, to a truffle loving adult, it’s perfection.

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  1. Yum! Sounds amazing, I must get down there to try it out. And Acme bread makes anything better!

  2. a truffle cheese thief! who would have thought?!

  3. Grant

     /  November 24, 2011

    Oh, you like truffles eh? They have this at Cowgirl Creamy sometimes:

    Tom hates goat’s cheese, so Truffle Tremor was not for him, but this Italian cheese is truffle-y goodness!

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