Cheese of the Week: Harbison

Between preparing for Thanksgiving and wedding preparations, this week is especially busy which means that meals made at home become very simple.  During weeks like this, Shay’s vote is always for my chicken and brie sandwiches which have sliced apple, Lemonaise, brie of course,  and chicken breast cutlets sauteed with pepper flakes, oregano and a little white wine at the end. Well, this week I wanted to find something to make this sandwich a little different, and decided it was a perfect opportunity for cheese exploration.

Harbison by Jasper Hill Farm

Harbison, image courtesy of Jasper Hill Farm

Cowgirl Creamery, as most of you know, if one of my favorite spots in the city. A whole store filled with delicious cheeses and people who know much more about cheese than I do! Too good to be real, except it is.  This week at Cowgirl, I asked them for a creamy cheese like a brie and described what I was going to do with it. The cheespert (cheese expert) handed me a piece of Harbison: incredibly creamy, with a bloomy rind and distinct mustard finish. This unusual, soft cheese comes from Jasper Hill Farm, as does the bark the cheese is wrapped in. The mustard flavor was strong enough for me to leave the normal mustard off of the sandwich, but not overpowering. I had never tasted anything quite like it.

Harbison would be the perfect appetizer cheese for your Thanksgiving table with slices of sourdough bread or apple.  It’s definitely my new go-to for sandwiches, too.  That’s the wonderful thing about cheese – there’s always a new favorite to discover.

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