Cheese of the Week: La Tur

La Tur Cheese

La Tur Cheese, image courtesy of Murray's Cheese

My mother and I spent the day together last Saturday pouring over cookbooks, exchanging recipes, and trading healthy secrets to wonderful desserts. I was realizing in these moments just how much she influenced me in so many ways, but especially in my food choices and habits. So, in honor  of my mom, I present La Tur, a cheese that is, to this day, frequently is in her refrigerator and therefore, that I grew up on.

Jane Fletcher of the San Francisco Chronicle accurately describes La Tur as “luscious”, a cheese that can “truly stand in for any dessert.” Its texture is almost mousse-like, similar to Nicciolo but a tad more dense, with a soft, creamy exterior encased in a soft rind. Also like Nicciolo, this succulent cheese uses sheep, goat, and cows milk which creates its warm, rich flavors.

La Tur is a pasteurized, triple cream from the manufacturer Caseificio dell’Alta Langa from the Piedmont region in Italy.  It is only aged for ten days, which is very unusual for a cheese with this much flavor and complexity.

I agree with Jane Fletcher, La Tur would make a fantastic dessert. I would pair it with some honey and a tart berry, or a slightly sweeter wine, like a Gewurztraminer. (Personally, I would not go as far as a Port or Moscato.)  It also would make a lovely first course treat, accompanied by some lightly salted crackers, or as always, some sourdough bread.  Alternatively, you can just enjoy it the way my mom and I do, by itself, in the kitchen, right out of the container.

My mother has given me many things (not the least of which is my life!), but I am especially grateful for the exposure to cheese like La Tur.  After all, what’s life without great cheese?

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  1. Nadia yakoob-sway

     /  February 13, 2012

    Love this post 🙂 inspired to go out and buy some.

  2. todd donovan

     /  April 3, 2013

    Great write up but I have one nit to pick, Indeed La Tur is an outstanding three milk cheese, but “triple cream” in the cheese world referes to the measurement of butter fat in a cheese 75% or greater! I just wanted to clarify, thanks!


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