The Foodies are Coming Back!

After a summer hiatus, we’re going to resume posting!!
We’ve missed blogging this summer, but I have to say, there has been plenty going on for both of us. In July, after a two plus year long engagement, Shay and I got married.

In addition to speaking during the ceremony, Maddie was also a bridesmaid, and helped out a ton with wedding related tasks both before (as in the two years leading up to) and day of.

Most importantly, she was, as she always is, an incredible source of love, support, and calm.  I could not have done it all without her. Needless to say, Shay’s and my wedding took a lot of both Maddie’s and my time. Since then, Maddie has been traveling for most of the summer, and Shay and I have a new little member of our household, our dog, Toby. Thank you for patiently waiting while we were interrupted by the happy vicissitudes of life.

While we’ve been away, we have been scheming and have come up with some new ideas for Foodies.  Instead of mainly focusing on one type of post weekly, we’ll be creating new recipes in many different categories, reviewing restaurants and kitchen tools, and of course, still writing about cheese.  I am really excited to post outside the lines, and become more creative in the kitchen.

Coming up very soon we’ll have Vegan Tacos, Roasted Peach and Brie Sandwiches, and Healthy Breakfast Fruit Crisp.