Lemon-Chocolate Madeleine Cookies

Lemon-Chocolate Madeleine Cookies

Lemon-Chocolate Madeleine Cookies

It might surprise you to learn that until this past holiday season, I did not own the proper equipment to bake my own namesake cookie.  Thanks to the love of my life, that tragic situation has now been remedied.

I baked my first batch of Madeleines about a week ago, sticking pretty faithfully (for me, at least) to the Joy of Baking‘s recipe, and tried them out on my godmother Barbara, one of the founders of the now-ubiquitous Just Desserts.  (No, she’s no longer an owner, so no, I can’t get you free goodies.)  After receiving her thumbs-up and agreement that, as I suspected, I’d baked them about 30 seconds too long, I decided I was ready to… you guessed it… improvise.


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