California Crottin: Cheese of the Week

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love firm goat cheeses with a rind (it’s like crack to me), but I know that I have almost exclusively writing about these for a while. Let’s call it a series and I promise to venture outside of my comfort zone soon. But for today…

California Crottin

California Crottin

So a long time ago, I did my favorite thing to do at any cheese counter– tell the expert behind it to pick a cheese.  I told this particular cheese expert that I was looking for a hard goat cheese that I could put into salads (specifically, my spinach pomegranate salad recipe).  She handed me a small piece of this little 3 oz (about) round of goat cheese that looked a lot like Chevrot. Despite the size, it was packed with flavor, a mellow tartness, with a very pleasant after taste. It’s a great introduction into the world of goat cheeses, and unlike the cheeses in previous posts, is definitely both kid and recipe friendly. To top off its attributes, it was awarded Best in Show at the American Dairy Goat Association National Cheese Competition.

California Crottin

California Crottin

California Crottin comes from Redwood Hill Farms, a family owned, entirely organic and sustainable facility up in Sonoma, CA. While exploring their website, I came across a great section about the health benefits of goat cheese.   I do not believe in dieting, just balance, and when health allows, embracing a type of exercise you enjoy like walking or dancing.  So while I will never stop eating goat cheese, it was really fun to find out that there are health benefits, even more so than other cheeses!  I had no idea that in was lower in calories, and had so many vitamins in it. This is a very exciting discovery!!! As if I needed more excuses to eat chevre…

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