Cheese of the Week: Midnight Moon

Originally, my plan for this week was to buy a bunch of new cheeses for Thanksgiving, and then write about the best one. However, on my quest to create the perfect meal, I was moving way too fast and throwing away all packaging… including the one for this FABULOUS cheese that I found at Whole Foods.  So, we will all have to wait another week or two while I go back to Whole Foods and try to find this amazing cheese again.

Midnight Moon cheese by Cypress Grove

Midnight Moon cheese, courtesy of paul goyette on Flickr

However, the featured cheese this week, Midnight Moon, is no slouch. Midnight Moon is an incredibly creamy, rich, hard goat cheese. This goat Gouda is moderately sharp with a caramel-like finish. Its texture is closer to a creamy cheddar, but the goat’s milk brings the flavors together very well. In my mind, if Chevrot and Gruyere were to have a baby, this would be it.

Midnight moon is as versatile as they come: From sprinkling on some pasta or risotto, to sampling on some fruit or melting on sandwiches, there is very little you cannot do with this cheese. It’s one of my favorites to use in my cheese sauce, being a nice alternative to an aged gouda, and combining the richness of Parmesan and the buttery finish of Gruyere.

Like Truffle Tremor, this delectable cheese comes from Cypress Grove, a California based company.  In reading more about Cypress Grove, I discovered that it was started because Mary, its founder, wanted to give her children healthy milk, and decided to breed goats.  She discovered that she had a talent for selective goat breeding and once she had a large herd, needed something to do with all of the extra milk. It’s a really fun story.

I also learned from their website that goat cheese has really only been available in the US over the last 30 or so years! I do not want to imagine a life without this type of cheese.

While this is certainly different from the wonderful mystery cheese of Thanksgiving (I feel like I am the prince on the quest for Cinderella or something), Midnight Moon is delicious and so easy to love.

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